Testimonial 1

It was a great learning. A clear thinking and systematic approach is more necessary than just being knowledgeable. Thank you to the whole team

Very good program in which we learnt how to manage the emergencies using a systematic approach. Thanks for enrolling nursing staff in the program.

Excellent faculty, will modify my approach in emergency

Structured approach to SBAR helps learning how to omit irrelevant data

Training should be provided to govt doctors of PHC and CHC

To cater to various clinical unit levels

Regular training for PG and health personal

More Nest programs to benefit many

Addressed nursing part well. Address govt set-up where there is always shortage of staff

Very informative and I learned so much

We look forward more such courses from an excellent team

Conference was very effective, I will join next conference

Very useful. Will attend future courses

Very nice, skilled and helpful, informative and practical

Really educative, Inculcates team leadership

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