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Nest group – NEST course is set up by a group of UK trained Neonatologists who belong to various parts of India. The faculty is a mixture of people who work in India and abroad. The aim of the course is to help achieve optimal care to every newborn in India by training the treating doctors and nurses to deal with emergencies in a cohesive manner. Major emphasis is placed on human factors which play a huge role in such situations.

NNF AP in collaboration with London Neonatal Transfer Service are pleased to present the NEST course in India.
• This simulation course is aimed at doctors and nurses
• The course harnesses principles of pedagogic learning and simulation technology to enrich and enhance learning with an ultimate aim to achieve high quality patient care
• The lectures and simulation workshops focuses around principles of communication, team working, leadership and the awareness of human factors on patient safety
• The course will compose of high fidelity simulation equipment, International faculty and staff involved in managing Neonatal Emergencies and feedback in a safe and supportive environment

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